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in his own IG drying out of a metal texture of gold color Air Jordan 3 PE " Gold" collocation, crystal bottom, tongue with 3 stars, laces with golden build, flashy luxury feel only superstar can control.Adidas Crazy Shadow "Mr. Holiday" note is now on sale for 2013-12-08 22:28:33, due to Rose's early injury back and Dwight Howard replacement team, Adidas had to pay more attention to the other players in the field of basketball. As a pair of team shoes, this particular Adidas Crazy Shadow is a special note for the Jrue Holiday design of the Philadelphia 76 player team. The body of the shoe in order to be full of dark stripes of black SprintWEB collocation blue mesh material to build, with the heel of the ankle three stripes of yellow and yellow outsole, followed by a color pattern design, tongue embroidery "JRUE HOLIDAY", the insole is printed with the "MR. HOLIDAY" pattern. This Adidas Crazy Shadow "Mr. Holiday" note is now on sale.Vans 2012 holiday AV Native American Low shoes 2013-12-08 22:43:05 recently Vans launched three pairs of new AV Native American Low shoes, this shoe is actually in the classic Sk8-Hi design to be extended, and then presented in the form of low gang. Three kinds of shoes are made of suede, mesh fabric, synthetic leather and other materials. This design makes the visual layer of shoes more clear, making simple shoes look more texture. Three pairs of shoes have their own characteristics, there is no trace of repeat feeling, it is learned that this series of shoes will be in the near future to meet with you, interested friends can continue to pay attention to its specific date of sale.In the 25th anniversary days before the Reebok Pump Memorial project in Australia launched a joint version of Highs and Lows and street shops. Design of the main joint star Dee Brown's signature shoes black and orange color based on as inspiration, but also made reference to the design of Reebok Blacktop's classic, in addition to the selection of high quality leather shoes of itself, adding asphalt texture and mint details; as for the white - is also located in orange translucent outsole. 0.jpg (469.47 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 08:41 2014-11-10 1.jpg (623.14 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 08:41 2014-11-10 2.jpg (487.99 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 08:41 2014-11-10 3.jpg (581.08 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 08:41 2014-11-10 4.jpg (542.23 KB, download times: 0) download attachment jordans for sale save to album Upload 08:41 2014-11-10 5.jpg (372.74 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 08:41 2014-11-10 6.jpg (344.34 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 08:41 2014-11-10 7.jpg (379.79 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 08:41 2014-11-10 8.jpg (4〉Adidas previously announced for RG3 Boost sports shoes Energy football players Robert Griffin III tailor-made for the day before, brand shoes added two new color. These two colors were named "No Pressure" and "No Diamonds", while the inspiration comes from the RG3 2011 to receive the Heisman trophy when speaking, the former with geometric patterns of black and white shoes. The latter takes the whole white shoes show, the last two shoes are equipped with a SPRINTWEB TORISON system and SPRINTFRAME, upper structure of science and technology, in comfort, support and air permeability of the three aspects have brought good performance. At present, these two shoes can be purchased through the brand online store, priced at $140 U.S. dollars. 0.jpg (55.23 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 08:40 2014-8-11 1.jpg (52.71 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 08:40 2014-8-11 2.jpg (446.05 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 08:40 2014-8-11 3.jpg (474.6 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 08:40 2014-8-11 4.jpg (693.61 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 08:40 2014-8-11Jordan Spiz'ike GS new color Spy Shots 2013-12-08 22:40:31 network exposure recently, this cold gray / purple / white / pink liquid composed of Jordan Spiz'ike GS new new color. Jordan Spiz'ike Jordan Brand products has been the most fashionable shoes, generally welcomed by everyone, GS version of the production level gradually increased, the innovative use of color, but also to the friends dress more choices. This information is currently marketed Jordan Spiz'ike GS has been exposed, like friends can continue to pay attention. Jordan Spiz'ike & nbsp; GS Number: 535712-028 expected release date: 2012/11 Jinjiang State Bureau of Jinjiang footwear exports to the latest overall situation analysis shows that: in 2006, Jinjiang's export footwear is still in a stable situation in the development of difficulties. But worrying is that Jinjiang shoes still can not get out of low price, low quality disorder competition. to this end, the Jinjiang State Administration cheap jordans of inspection, textile section chief Chen suggested that Jinjiang may wish to try to develop minimum export footwear quality standards, in order to reverse this vicious competition embarrassing situation. The director Lin Yarong shoes quality testing center of Fujian Province, foreign buyers have been mistaken for poor Chinese shoe quality, it is necessary to establish such standards. Quanzhou footwear industry association secretary general Zheng Tian said, similar standards, they have always wanted to push, but it is difficult to find a way to connect with many foreign standards. according to Jinjiang Inspection Bureau statistics, 2006 Jinjiang footwear export batch, quantity and amount respectively over the previous year growth of 1.21%, -7.99% and 1.69%, footwear exports average price growth of 10.2% over the previous year. price rise for Jinjiang joy, but the vicious competition among enterprises exports is worrying, Chen chief said, at present Jinjiang footwear exports to leisure sports shoes mainly related enterprises export products a high degree of similarity, between the vicious competition is more common, the product competition in the middle and low the level of the overall level, Jinjiang footwear exports added value is not high. "This hinders the further improvement of the quality and grade of the products". it is understood, because the product is roughly the same, the import of the Purchaser before placing orders often allows a number of homogeneous enterprises at the same time offer, in this case, the enterprise in order to maintain the required production orders, product prices are often forced to continue to lower profit margins continue to shrink, especially is this phenomenon is particularly prevalent in small and medium-sized enterprises. Enterprises in order to pursue the maximization of interests, it is bound to do everything possible to reduce costs, will inevitably lead to decline in product quality, export grade is also difficult to improve. local minimum quality standards in this regard, ChenKe Zhang suggested that local authorities and industry associations to develop the footwear footwear export minimum quality standard, develop a variety of material properties, the lowest standard, to further standardize the export of footwear market, to avoid disorderly competition, to increase exports of footwear quality, healthy development. )air-jordan-4-retro-11lab4.jpg (118.91 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 11LAB4 Teaser re exposure 2015-1-6 09:27 uploadT Cheap jordans online o have been discontinued Air Jordan 3 as the template to China New Year Dragon as inspiration, the custom brand impeccablescoop to create the red dragon named AIR JORDAN 3. The red shoes as the main color, with golden burst pattern elements appear, on the bottom of tongue, along with golden dragon squamous presentation, prominent theme, distinctive golden laces with Dichotomanthes line show good effect. IMPECCABLESCOOP_Air_Jordan_III_-_Red_Dragons_Custom_9_grande.jpg (103.04 KB, download number: 14) download AIR JORDAN 3 the customized version of 2015-1-9 16:21 upload IMPECCABLESCOOP_Air_Jordan_III_-_Red_Dragons_Custom_8.jpg (82.4 KB, download number: 13) download AIR JORDAN 3 the customized version of 2015-1-9 16:21 upload IMPECCABLESCOOP_Air_Jordan_III_-_Red_Dragons_Custom_1_grande.jpg (73.69 KB, download number: 16) download AIR JORDAN 3 the customized version of 2015-1-9 16:21 upload IMPECCABLESCOOP_Air_Jordan_III_-_Red_Dragons_Custom_4_grande.jpg (80.06 KB, download number: 14) download AIR JORDAN 3 the customized version of 2015-1-9 16:21 upload IMPECCABLESCOOP_Air_Jordan_III_-_Red_Dragons_Custom_7_grande.jpg (67.65 KB, download number: 13) download AIR JORDAN 3 the customized version of 2015-1-9 16:21 upload IMPECCABLESCOOP_Air_Jordan_III_-_Re0The joint between the manufacturers will usually be their classic design into one, but not alsosets will be able to create the perfect masterpiece? I'm afraid this assumption is difficult to do so! The day before the network in a shoe led to think a lot of Sneaker, because it is a collection of Nike Air Yeezy 2 Adidas Yeezy Boost, and the heel strap in the bottom, Timberland sign of wheat yellow, metal buckle, zipper design etc., covering almost all the current most popular set, and this is perfect you can move the heart? 920fda58jw1f996i2zk0fj20ku0kmq61.jpg (121.76 KB, download number: 0) download Sneaker note! A pair of shoes on the 2016-10-29 16:17 Nike Air Yeezy upload, 2, Adidas, Yeezy Boost, Timberland Tony 2016-10-29 16:19 on this topic by the 00 generation[Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] December 2012, Adidas in Quanzhou, Fujian Nanan opened a new store. Southampton is a coastal county-level cities, count the surrounding area has 1.5 million people, where multinational companies, it will generally be defined as the huge Chinese market in the four- or five-tier cities. Xiamen Thai fertility Adidas largest distributors in Fujian, while in 2011 this company the first Adidas store opened here when Southampton has only one shopping center, stores the first yea jordans on sale mens r profit of 12 million yuan. Now, with another being built shopping mall popular with young people, educating the Thai company also chose a good position facing the street, out of this 120 square meters of new stores. Since two years ago, adidas intends to rally after China, like this one are becoming more and more shops. The company developed a plan called "Road leading to 2015", the goal is to Adidas deep into China more than 1400 low-tier cities, and to maintain double-digit annual sales growth. The last time, it would have been very likely chance with the Beijing Olympics and become China's most successful sports brand. Unfortunately not. Since miscalculated the Olympic Games can bring value to it, Adidas appeared unusually severe inventory problems, and then came the economic crisis make it more surprise, consumer buying up all of a sudden becomes a conservative. Clearance dealers began selling any products Adidas, the German company, and this is no good way. Adidas ended up spending two years to resolve inventory. Ye Xiangyang, general manager of Xiamen Thai infertility that their situation is not the worst kind, Adidas to a number of discounts and gift policy, slowly helping his business back on track. And for those more in crisis dealer, Adidas finally buy them directly in the warehouse products. "We decided to start again, to offer new stock on the market, consumers always like new products." High Skyline Adidas Greater China general manager, director (Colin Currie), "First Financial Weekly" said. two years, Adidas lost the lead in the Chinese market, also hope to catch up with Nike to disappear. 2009, Adidas Greater China sales fell 16 percent, and closed more than 200 stores, and at this time, Li Ning [0.51%] for the first time surpassed Adidas. China sports brand not realize at that point in time, in conjunction with Adidas soon as they bogged down. Pick and 361 degrees in 2009 listed, and Li Ning as multinational giants into the fray and Anta that year revenue growth of 27%. By the end of 2011, the situation has changed, sports brands have appeared in varying degrees slowdown; and came in 2012, signs of a recession is more severe, and kept closed shop and there is bad news about high inventory transfer come, one of the most interesting is the drastic change in the Li Ning Company. Now look, this is just a two-time gap, Adidas in China's development is full of dramatic meaning. Starting in 2011, Adidas began to recover and continue to grow 2012 sales by 15%, opened 800 new stores, more than the expected number of 500 annually mu cheap foamposites ch more. At the same time, its biggest rival Nike has recently suffered two consecutive quarters of declining sales. According to market research firm Euromonitor data, Adidas in 2012 market share of 11.2 percent, was 12.1 percent of Nike, the situation is close to 2008, when the smallest gap between the two. In the last year of expansion in more than 800 stores, of which two-thirds of Adidas will take the following four-tier cities. Ye Xiangyang business also has been a huge change in the last two years, he currently operates more than 100 stores in total, 50% are located in Southampton like this four or five cities. This is reflected in Adidas "footprints plan". In about 2008, either Nike or Adidas, they are still the focus of China's first-tier, look who just started hitting retail environment best second-tier cities, but now, Adidas measure must take a series of data in order to determine their own The expansion of the destination. First, population, disposable income and macroeconomic development data, then information from industry retailers, restaurant chains, property developers, banks and other obtained reanalysis Adidas in the market share, competitors, as well as market saturation, Based on this ranking for all cities. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)published in 1990, to the 24 years since Air Jordan 5 from the initial stage of 4 colors, have continued to develop more than 33 pairs of styles, rich changes give many shoes multiple choice, but which also has exposed several degrees of broken watch these shoes for some stuff. Reasons to cancel the sale in the development process, or is customized for private theme, all these factors make the impossible to see in the market of the shoes become extremely precious, also become fantastic list of the hearts of many collectors, foreign websites Sole Collect to help you sort out the 25 double Sample, next time you have a friend the chance to see them, must open your eyes to grasp! " Blue & Yellow Mesh" (1990) "Green Mesh" (1990) "Wedding" (2006) "Wedding" (2006) "Navy/Grey "(2006)" Grey/Burgundy "(2006)" Sunset "(2006)" Fire Red Sole "(2006)" White/Deep Burgundy "(2006)" Fighter Jet "(2009)" Dark Army "(2009)" History of Flight "(2009)" Anniversary "(" Pantone 284 "(2010) 2010)" Pantone "(2010)" Blackout "(2011)" Safety Orange "(2011)" Georgetown "(2012)" Red Tails "(2012)" XX8 Days of Flight "(2013)" Easter "(2013)" Chris Paul "(2013)" Melo "(2013)" Black Sole Oreo "(2013)" Red "(2014) source: Sole CollectorLeBron X from the details are not jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black clear, LeBron James in the wake of the Olympic Games put on various versions with a message like bamboo shoots after a spring rain brought out the performance information with previous exposure, the LeBron X suddenly no mystery, do not know to the official listing still can let you have much expectations? The latest color is in the last season following the South Beach (Miami South Beach) color popularity rise fast new color Floridians (Florida Master), mainly in the previous Miami ABA team's jersey for inspiration, reason mainly to wear white orange combination is particularly rosy this color received welcome. Yet there is a sale of the relevant information, please close the locking shoe prospecting! source: niketalk in the sports culture in the United States, in addition to the NBA player has the exclusive shoes, some sponsors will make university exclusive shoes, such as the former NCAA Miami hurricanes, this time is provided by the Nike Free Trainer 5 training shoes, from the overall color to the details of the design are as special, University of Kentucky and Jordan the "blue devil" nickname, produced a number of prestigious Duke University basketball star alma mater University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, although it is blue tone, but still clearly distinguish from different marks. The eye in these special editions will appear in the retailer, if not the team, also have the opportunity to have the shoes, the three kinds of school version pricing are $110 in October 30th sold abroad. below are the exclusive editions of Duke University, University of Kentucky, and University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill: NIKE FREE TRAINER 5 'DUKE' overseas listing date: October 30th price: $110 NIKE FREE TRAINER 5 'KENTUCKY' overseas listing date: October 30th price: $110 NIKE FREE TRAINER 5 'UNC' overseas listing date: October 30th price: $110 source: sneakernewsIn May Reebok launched a new annual topic shoes Floatride series, the use of exclusive shoes technology Floatride Foam corrosion epicenter bottom, with high strength lightweight cushioning material, provide excellent damping effect, the whole foot ring EVA sole, equipped with Ultraknit knitting uppers, make flexible gait characteristics Floatride play more most incisive, start more on both feet. Smooth. Reebok said: "the launch of the new Floatride series will lead global runners to meet the new running shoes.". This series of shoes to invest a lot of R & D resources, for a year long testing period, invite professional runners in the run in measured more than fifteen thousand miles in a new Floatride series, both in the lightweight shoe body or superior cushioning, running is to give a high evaluation. "." in order to meet the requirements of high-performance running shoes, Reebok Floatride series of shoes has three key technologies, so that shoes can effectively enhance the effectiveness of slow shock, while taking into account the stability of running shoes. - Ultraknit Technology: the Ultraknit knitting uppers, with seamless knitting technology, both comfort, permeability and flexibility. Rim: EVA ring full support, to provide appropriate protection, let runners experience energy flow of each step. Reebok Floatride series men's and women's running shoes have been sold at the Reebok designated store in Taiwan, priced at $4850. male model: BS7209, female model: BS7210 exercise is really need some good, but especially the occupation events, we still need more passionate players to add its unique mark for each time, from the early Charles Barkley 'I am not even filmed role model' ad, seems to clearly tell you, they will have less NBA boring, I think Cousins DeMarcus visited yesterday in the new generation of players is a full color representation of their players, and perhaps not so comply with secular norms, but he brings to the game content the impact that only he can provide many injected vitality into the basketball culture. DeMarcus Cousins this is to participate in the "" series of activities played tricks as to visit Taiwan, the first stop in Jinhua yesterday to Taipei city junior high school to participate in the basketball training camp "played tricks, with the head coach of the warriors before the previous Fubon and his high school teacher Otis Hughley and Wu Yongren, accompanied by He Shouzheng, this series of activities of the players to join joint training, today will go to Nanshan High School in long training camp, he talk about more excellent in NBA area and experience sharing. Cousins has indeed played tricks, the last year for the first time on behalf of the United States in the history of the world basketball championship, his personality and temperament in the right way can be used in the course of the performance, certainly by the all star and the League second team, is for his affirmation, if he is one of the first center coalition candidate there should be no doubt too much. and Cousins served as a guest coach, as he is more like a player's brother, regardless of respondents or is trained on the pitch when the action is like a hot blooded youth basketball, basketball hat and anti wearing sweat clothes because always pull action, let a person feel his kind like you my ball friends, is a very high love playing basketball. But when it comes to part of DeMarcus Cousins professional is not sloppy, in addition to share his views on the championship, that LeBron James experience will be the key for whether to break the siege, he believes that basketball is the most important basic skills, start from the details, including running, passing are very important, the area's footsteps with the destructive force of jiubuyongti, in a game can have 3.6 assists in the center, to remind you to pass should be quite convincing. Although face with a little tired, but Cousins is still in the process of training and try with two baskets, see is probably typical he would mention remitted to the new generation of people will develop so long, have enough resistance but quite flexible, even he had louliaoyishou perimeter, of course not to be God, but from the wrist posture and softness is not hard to imagine a cousin in distance must also have the threat. do you remember a few days ago, there was a skateboarding player in the United States wearing Adidas Yeezy Boost 350, jumping over the railings and puddles? film upload, all good or bad comments followed, and for these shoes to achieve a special publicity effect, but who is wearing bad Yeezy Boost 350 is who? The day before the gentleman "" network to accept foreign media interview, let us listen to how he talks about "Yeezy Boost 350" Adidas wear and then play it skateboard. His name is Piro Sierra, aged 24, is an amateur skateboarding game player, usually in the construction industry, was born in Tampa (a city of Florida on the west coast of the United States), in New York Bronx high school often in two places back and forth. He has lived in New York for six or seven years now, and it has been 11 years since he started skateboarding. His current skateboard sponsors are: Hopps, Skateboards, The, Frontside, Agency, Shaqueefa. talked about that morning. "One of my friends told me that he got the new Yeezy shoes." he asked if I wanted to try it. Then, by the way, would you like to play skateboarding? "Sierra agreed right away, and then asked to meet in front of the skateboard shop.". "It was really comfortable to wear it first."! But the ankle is a little loose. "Sierra," he said, and then he went to the bar for a little drink. Videos on the Internet are the process in which they move from one bar to another in an hour. "He broke apart when I first jumped up and did a skateboard, ollie! "Sierra says. when he was wearing a Yeezy Boost 350 sliding through the crowd, everyone said, "Hey!"! You see, that guy wears Yeezy Boost 350?! However, he didn't want to pay too much attention, so he hurried back to Bronx's house. "When I got home, my friend told me that you might be ruining these shoes if you skate in these shoes."! "Sierra says he doesn't mind." the best thing about it is skateboarding, and everything else is a small matter! "Sierra laughs. then asked, "does Sierra know Yeezy Boost 350?" actually, I don't really know what these shoes are. "Sierra explained that his friend had only told him that it was a pair of shoes related to Kanye West, and he didn't even know how his friend got them. "But usually I don't pick shoes when skateboarding."! Only enough to stick to the ground. "But then he didn't put on these shoes anymore," Sierra complained slightly. "I wear socks that run out of holes, even though they're comfortable." has advanced Lotto leather shoes descent Stadio300 Series in 1990s for top cortical vamp and water repellent function caused by Europe's attention, and continue to introduce new, open the Stadio series of brilliant era in the European football, this is the history of the Lotto classic shoes sales is still popular style brand's concern the. Lotto advanced cortical STADIO series, using superfine rubber waterproof technology and soft calfskin belt out shoe body manipulation through dynamic rebound elasticity, arch bottom can perfectly fit the forefoot and midfoot rhythm in motion changes and the use of material elastic to prevent running injuries caused by internal rotation, collocation ergonomic detachable EVA insole to enhance wear comfort. In addition, the classic black green color players as it appeared in the 90s European football atmosphere. Lotto Stadio series FG and TF sole is divided into two kinds of nail, applicable to natural grass and grass hard, because the leather soft, is also suitable for long and strong ability of dribbling players use, Lotto Stadio pricing NT$2890 yuan, more information is now available to the dealership and LOTTO football fans page query. Nike Air Vapormax 'Black Anthracite' in Taiwan in June 22nd to a specific store selling point, the price of 6500 yuan for you, we currently have announced prospecting shoe finishing selling dealer link in the Facebook way, the actual selling way and the place to store transaction mechanism please announcement. The shoes sold more messages can also be a reference station listing report. is the world intellectual movement smile sports sports is Frederick source: Nike