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July 5th, industrial and commercial bureau of industry and Commerce Yanshan Dafengshan according to reports from the public, seized an unlicensed shoe factory, seized a total of more than 80 thousand pairs of wooden shoes and semi-finished products, and paint, more than 200 kg. 9 in the morning, the Institute received a report from the masses: some people in Xiangshan District Pingshan village opened a wooden shoes processing plant, a large number of wooden shoes and paint mixed together, easily lead to fire. Law enforcement officers immediately went to Pingshan village, after several twists and turns, only to find processing plants. this processing plant is a three storey building, the bottom of a total of 6 rooms, 3 for the processing room, and the other 3 stacked finished and semi-finished products, the two or three floor for workers and landlords living. Law enforcement personnel at the scene to see where the workers some proc jordans on sale online essing shoes, some in full of sawdust, wood floor paint is a semi-finished products, the entire factory was filled with the pungent smell. in the room where the finished product was finished, six or seven barrels of paint were still placed. Such a fire prone site, but even fire extinguishers are not. At this time, two workers whispered: "we had with the boss said, he said, you are afraid of the fear of death is mo, rich people can not find work?" according to the inquiry, the processing plant for Yongfu County, Yu rented here, opened at the beginning of the year, without any license. Processing of shoes without any mark, to 3 to 4 yuan each to the urban and County wholesale sales, to obtain illegal profits. The law enforcement personnel according to law instructed to immediately stop processing, and to paint all withheld, more than 80 thousand pairs of wooden shoes finished and semi-finished products were seized. (editor in chief: adm Cheap foamposites for sale in) over the years, the European Union has dealt with China in terms of trade, currency and human rights, but now the European Union has taken a tougher, "American" attitude. the recent EU trade deficit with China has expanded substantially and will probably overtake the US trade deficit with China for the first time; this situation has prompted the European Union to change its attitude towards china. Washington welcomes that. The US government sees the EU as a strong potential ally, saying that the two sides can join forces to persuade China to open its domestic market and allow the renminbi to appreciate, thereby reducing exports. but if change China has made the United States feel difficult, then it is likely to be very difficult for the eu. This is because such strong economies like China can easily use the European differences between countries, between EU Member States dogs strive for. analysts pointed out that China h cheap foamposites as become a very important growth market for European companies; if the EU tries to limit China's exports, Beijing will be able to retaliate. China could impose more restrictions on foreign investment or raise tariffs on EU imports. economics professor at the Institut D'Etudes Politiques De Paris (Sciences Po) Patrick Messerlin (Patrick Messerlin) said that a heavy fist on China might hit Europe at the same time. at the China Europe summit in Beijing on Wednesday, the European Union fully demonstrated its new attitude towards china. European Union Trade Commissioner Mandelson (Peter Mandelson) said it plans to have "difficult talks" with Chinese government officials". Earlier this week, Mandelson made two tough speeches in Beijing, accusing China of quality problems and inadequate protection of intellectual property rights. according to the news agency, Wu Yi, vice premier of trade in China, said that her comments on Mandelson Retro jordans for sale were "very unhappy" after Mandelson's speech". recently, Mandelson warned that the EU's widening trade deficit with China is a "time bomb" set by policy; it may set off a wave of trade protection measures in europe. At present, the European Union is deciding whether to levy anti-dumping duties on Chinese steel, and threatened to extend the quota period for Chinese textiles. Germany, a major European trading nation, recently challenged China's human rights. ) recent curry 2 repeatedly exposed some tempted like the, but UA still decided to play curry 1 heat. It is reported that the brand of boots of curry the double champions bring champions suit, suit or will be made up by the platinum main color of the two pairs of shoes, at present there is no real spy release; the package is expected on September 19 days to come on stage formally. source: sneakernewsNew & nbsp; Balance shoes retro design innovation constantly inherited motor functio Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale n and advantages of NB shoes, to create the most suitable for consumer wear. Newly launched DJ & nbsp; 574 retro shoes series combines cool minimalist concept and comfortable lightweight material, and the shoe using ergonomic design, further improved wearing comfort. Exterior painted bright colors like neon fashion, like brisk jump of rhythm, in addition to the classic gray line outside NB and another five kinds of neon bright light, including red, orange, yellow, blue and pink, and then with the DJ & nbsp ; 574 & nbsp; short-sleeved T-shirt series, bored rigid to enjoy the colorful fun of you, want to create their own city melody.New Balance x Fingercroxx MT580FXX 2013-12-08 22:59:47 released shortly before Shawn Yue took the lead on foot Balance x Fingercroxx this New MT580FXX will be in this month to meet with you, the New Balance and Fingercroxx new joint shoes play military doctrine, the shoe body adopts a waterproof material suede fabric "Wol Cheap air jordans for sale verine Scotchgard" to create camouflage the elements everywhere has become the most attractive place for the shoes. It is reported that this shoe will be in the form of a collection of packages, the package also contains a matching T-shirt. It is reported that the shoes are priced at 1599 yuan and will be on sale at the Fingercroxx store in February 22nd. 〈br adidas="" fans="" wearing="" today="" lillard="" design="" d="" 1="" for="" 2015-03-25="" 11:53:41 Portland guard Damian Lillard in · today against the Warriors team wearing a pair of fans for the design of the Adidas D Lillard 1 play, can see this pair of Adidas D Lillard 1 was covered in black, red and details to toe the embellishment, a shoelace hole using yellow, add a glimmer of vitality to the shoes, and in the bottom of the vamp and the imitation snake and the popular use of ink design. Although the shoes will not be sold publicly, but Lillard fans like you can login Mi Adidas platform design exclusive own Adidas D Lillard 1. Player movement range of classic Nike Air Max 1 shoes com 2012-08-16 09:42:31 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [Source: 1626 Community] Print & nbsp; Close Chinese shoes Network August 16 hearing, since the early years of the What the Dunk shoes, What the series of shoes, seems to have become synonymous with the integration of a variety of characteristics of shoes. Nike although the last few quarters in NikeKobe VII launched What the Kobe, but then no longer any action, does not seem to intend to go back to the old number. 1 2 & nbsp; Related newsFragment x Air Jordan 1 Black Toe "in black and red white color for the collocation, presented in black, red shoes uppers, the lightning symbol still shows its identity. : this week will also usher in a Air Jordan 2 shoes sale, this Air Jordan 2 "Dark Concord" mining The features a white upper with classic burst ornamentation, with black and purple embellished with detail. Item: 385475-153 release date: May 10th earlier in the ending of the PUMA 2012 winter show car Fashion boutique Motorsport Show, you can see the PUMA brand with many car brands, to create a new note not produced, which will include the latest car factory with the famous British brand MINI cooperation, starting from the body trim the English flag, bull dogs, MINI and PUMA Alwyn built-in elements Mid MINI shoes series. 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