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[Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] your circle of friends is not being runner sun screen daily mileage brush, really show the identity of fashion, the brand is no longer a gorgeous and expensive ingredients, but you whether it has a gorgeous mermaid lines and abs. Running a campaign as the most basic, well-respected fitness enthusiasts. Data show that the current will run as their own sports and leisure people accounted for 41% of the total number of sports, is in addition to walking outside, the most important way to exercise. However, most people who want to fit body, it has been reluctant to go to the gym to sweat up. Circle of friends, more runners chose the outdoor environment. For them, just need a good pair of running shoes and other peripheral equipment running. However, the domestic market is not mature running, a survey data show that 78% of consumers will not choose a professional running equipment, overall very casual. This means that there is a huge market space, while Adidas capture this message, earlier this year, introduced a new running shoes --Ultra Boost shoes, and in August launched the all-new. coincides with the Beijing World Championships, Adrian Leek category, general manager of Adidas jogging with his finest creations of this, there has been in Beijing. As a former professional marathon runners, Adrian Prior to joining adidas, is to maintain the UK's 15 km marathon record. Today, Adidas has been working for 21 years, he was a profound experience to the running of the sport's increasing popularity and professional process, he told the cheap foamposites "Chinese entrepreneurs": "In the past four years, the runners have a two year category increase the number. " In the professional opinion, running the sport, it seems simple, but in fact is not low for the requirements of the product. Research and development of this product, took four years. This shoe is a collaboration with BASF, after the change of generations, eventually formed today's Ultra Boost shoes. Although not disclose the specific amount of investment, but Adrian said, "technically very huge investment, including BASF has also done a lot of investment." From the exterior, this shoe features a Primeknit knit uppers, Adidas has been the use of high-end products. By "crossing a line" flying probe technology seamlessly weaving the upper and upper part of the fabric as a whole, to abandon the original liner support frame, relying on itself to provide flexibility and upper support force. This is similar to the Nike Flyknit, in fact, as early as in 2012, when Flyknit launched soon, Adidas launched immediately Primeknit knit uppers product is a paper sued Nike, Nike finally won, making it an "line "Technology originator, has won a patent. While Adidas failed to obtain a patent, but that does not hinder the application of this technology, it was introduced, this fabric design allows completely fit in running shoes runners feet, even barefoot runners can meet the needs of today. Overall, this shoe with Adidas traditional conservative style is not the same. Shoes and surplus narrow sense of flow lines, so that was a lot of people think, and Nike designers collective swi cheap air jordans tched to Adidas are not unrelated. However, these shoes BOOST biggest bright spot is the use of technology, a lot of running the party, are Nike's fans who, in recent years, Nike running series of products based on global sales of more 30% of the number of growth. BOOST technology is considered Jedi adidas big move. Two years ago, BOOST technology has been applied to the determination of Adidas design, someone had Tucao, abandon the original hard rubber do at the end, with this foam looks almost looks cheap stuff, is not a marketing gimmick? However, when in 2014, the Kenyan marathon runner Dennis? Jimi Tuo configuration BOOST wearing Adidas running shoes in the end to break the marathon world record, so this technique fame. Adrian said, from biomechanics laboratory test results can be seen, Ultra Boost athletic performance running shoes can bring a 1% increase, which means that for two hours of Marathon, since Boost bring shoes 1% increase, runners time can be shortened 26 seconds, if it is a four-hour marathon meant to shorten the time from 2 to 2.5 minutes. more consumers believe that this sole design, very "soft shells", the shoes can quickly rebound after compression up, this cushioning effect allows runners to achieve the greatest degree of their effect. This allows Adidas and Nike in the running market gradually catch up the contest. Although the design is still not a color, but the technology does make the runners themselves. However, Ultra Boost shoes is not at home all the Adidas store can buy. This shoe priced at around 1,300 yuan, Adrian said, "The major jordans on sale mens products for a second-tier market, does not have invested in low-tier cities, to take into account the level of local consumption." is behind this campaign of running shoes, Adidas seek further business expansion in China. High Skyline director of Adidas Greater China general manager, said, "compared to Europe or the United States market, China's market is not mature run. But when we see more and more people to participate in the running movement among us have begun vigorously promote the development of running culture in China. To achieve this goal, we launched runners meet Chinese demand for the product. "Meanwhile, the high Skyline also stressed Greater running series is one of the fastest growing product category. 2014 national marathon competition population of 90 million people, to participate in the running of the crowd showing explosive growth, becoming the national carnival, and formed a huge industrial chain. Adidas, the introduction of running shoes is just the first step. Adrian told reporters, in addition to running shoes, the future will continue to develop Adidas jogging desired peripheral products, such as T-shirt, shorts, for the ladies, there should be a proper sports bra. As a professional athlete, Adrian to some of runners from experience, do not over-training, not over the pursuit of speed, otherwise prone to injury, compared to sports results, we should enjoy the course of the campaign, it will be considered the same as living with a cup of coffee the way. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)X-LARGE an Cheap air jordans for sale d Converse's joint venture shoes, in the spring of 2015, the two sides to new CK, TD, OX shoes based design. This season, X-LARGE brand will be "THE ENDLESS SUMMER" as the design theme, the design elements discharge to demonstrate the impact of passion and vision on the summer. Through the black leather hemming processing, this cooperation design has enhanced the fine sense of reality. It is priced at 7000 yen and will be on sale at X-LARGE stores. After the Air to create the Jordan XXIII design of a green Shuanghu didn't long, from Miami shoe store SoleFly and Jordan Brand again; cooperate, bring this pair of Air Jordan XVI Art Basel". This time, the two sides will "south coast" as the theme of the design, in the pure white leather shoes, also hides the dazzling bright pink and green details, add a little stubborn temperament for this pair of shoes. It is reported, this pair of Air Jordan XVI "Art Basel" will be in December 3rd in SoleFly exclusive sale, offering price of $275 dollars, like friends can do more work.I have been exposed Flyknit Trainer Chukka FSB this time complete disclosure, this double Flyknit Trainer Chukka FSB & nbsp; "Winter Olympics & quot; for the US team of staff at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics the building, its shoes to Flyknit fly woven uppers are constitution, shoe body in addition to the existing Dynamic Flywire Technology dynamic fly line outside other ornaments lined with 3M reflective details, the other carrying a fluorescent yellow Free Trainer special outsole, not only has the USA word on the tongue, but also on the left jordans for sale foot insole has on behalf of the American flag pattern chic spirit, absolutely make you want to incorporate it into all the most important matter favorites dual Flyknit Trainer Chukka FSB & nbsp;. "Winter Olympics & quot; is not yet a further sale news, ladies shoes fans please wait and see.This touch of blue ecstasy New Balance 996 days blue 2013-12-08 22:58:20 before, for everyone to introduce the 2013 quarter of the new color matching New Balance 996, this time to bring you a similar to the North Carolina blue color version of the map reward. Sky blue suede material with mesh fabric, with gray 3M reflective material "N" logo, the combination of all ecstasy elements makes the whole shoe exudes a very attractive feeling. It is reported that this shoes will soon be on shelves, you want to start friends really have to be prepared, visual inspection of this color will be a spike version. Air Jordan 1 Retro High "Rare Air" three new color 2016-12-02 12:02:14 together to cancel the "flying wing" Logo Air Jordan 1 Retro High "Rare Air", will be launched at Soar Blue this month, Max Orange and Cool Grey three new color. Shoe design is based on black and white as the base, in addition to the position of the upper "Air Jordan" rare details, the heel position of "Nike Air" Logo also let these shoes more retro feelings, finally, collocation white bottom end. It is reported that the three color matching will be officially launched in mid December, interested friends may wish to pay more attention to.??????men u s shox nz eu running shoes cross stitch patterns free Google Search designer Retro jordans for sale clothing online sale Creating some gentle mischief is part of your Christmas elf s charm have fun coming up with creative ideas for tricks your elf can play on the kids Simple ideas include dropping green food colouring into milk turning the toilet water glittery setting up a zip wire for the elves to play on rearranging things or spilling cereal on the shelf u s shox nz eu running shoes cross stitch" /〉 mens slippers size amazon Relieve sinus congestion and pressure with Essential Oils lemon lavender peppermint men u s shox nz eu running shoes cross stitch patterns free Google Search Air Jordan 1 "Camo Pack" without warning shelves is an unexpected surprise, but the sale of the wind has long been a Jordan 5 "Camo" is still not available for sale information. According to this no warning sale mode, Jordan 5 "Camo" is likely to sell at any time. since the release date of the delay yet, we still see fancy feet figure a passing addiction. pic via Pionoe77 shoe information: Air Jordan 5 "Camo" number: 136027-051 other offering information get will continue to follow the report. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement trend], scan code take you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion trends, more free shoes true and false authentication service, you experience!after Jordan Spizike, the most dazzling hybrid shoes - Jordan, Son, Of, Mars, brand new "Black Cement" is now officially available! at first glance, you'll think you're AJ 3 "Blak Cement"? Black shoes, grey tongue, collocation iconic black ash burst pattern design and details of the red, very special to have? in collaboration with Garbstore and Bape, Reebok and Insta Pump Fury to push new color, black shoes with great contrast India magenta embellishment, tongue / insole with heel and feathery texture decorate thick, very special. Japan will take the lead next month. [network] October 22, 2013 Adidas shoes, "fluorescent series" football boots illuminate the Champions League, this innovation can capture and reflect the stadium floodlights and camera flashes of light, so as to deter other defensive players. This is the first time that reflective technology has appeared in the world's top soccer arena, and Adidas continues to lead cutting-edge soccer shoe technology to a higher level. in the upcoming tomorrow morning and tomorrow morning (Beijing time on October 23rd and 24) kicked off a new round of the Champions League, the top players in Europe for the first time wearing reflective shoes debut. Adidas launched adizero in 2012 in the United States; Smoke Spotlight boots, this is the first time Adidas reflective technology in football shoes. the NGA goblin chamber of Commerce, the author: Nan ah against The four series of manufacturing equipment from the orange, green character attributes. To determine the effects of PTR back, now have a way to get the. For specific reasons, also known as the wild orange. The main stage 7.2 of the broken coast is very small, so the union tribes ample opportunities to increase, make the orange dress like a good use of these manufacturing. The four series of manufacturing drawings can be orange loaded in the professional trainer at the corresponding direct purchase of learning, 250G need 800 points full of professional skills. so the drawing is not a problem, the problem is that there is a corresponding manufacturing orange orange props, the props to complete the task. also need another orange items called void debris essence, this article takes 2000 pieces of vanity. note: at present about the task to the props are consumables or there has been. About whether the task can be repeated, repeated CD is temporarily unknown. The equipment after binding, do it can be sold. and the four Department of manufacturing industry with the same initial task orange! Fashion history and popular philosophy. The initial task in the new camp broken coast NPC redemption sentry Elliot Zal · to collect the hammer. plate The effect of the inexhaustible courage (BOE) material: the forgotten hero of the hammer, void debris essence, Sargeras blood 65, evil ingot 125. ! Four hammer legend feet man, before we should be honest. Are you a blacksmith this is a noble profession. Because of my values and fashion. Heavy armor and heavy weapons to make heroes seem very heavy, so I think they are in any case should reduce the clothes on the body. I can give you some life experience to get better materials. to find one of my brothers Dalaran translation and 3 forgotten heroes of the book. We will find the best metal forgotten! ! Ancient armor is not only a hammer, I made a careful study of what we need, male feet. We also need very high quality of the ancient metal to create many final good hammer! Some enemies wearing armor broken coast can be collected just ancient evil steel. To combat evil and collect enough steel. ! God of war God of war to fight a mortal, because he saw the God of human oppression and humiliation. The legend of God are afraid of God, but he was defeated. My investigation found that he is the God of storm bucket Fjord gods. In particular, odin! God 's shield has been a lot of damage caused by lightning and charged into a white iron. The God of death, Odin put his shields melted into a trophy. To get the white electric steel and put it into the Warhammer casting. ! Dragon Hunter "Nike Air Uptempo "Black" small code struck 2016-04-07 15:52:08 for the big "AIR" sale, I think many fans are concerned about it. However, there is a good news is worth sharing with fans, this Nike Air Uptempo "Black" will have 38, 38.5 small number of shares sold at the same time, for some Sneaker Girl is a gospel. The shoe number: 414962-002, interested friends may wish to look at. Air Jordan 10 Retro "Bobcats" color matching comprehensive appreciation 2014-02-24 21:01:22Although has not been the same as the previous gamma blue system, the "lynx" color has a high exposure rate recently. In addition, due to the Bobcats will be renamed again next season Hornets, the team will also have to change the home color system, so this lynx color will probably become history. Today, Xiao Bian for you on this upcoming this weekend, Air Jordan 10 Retro "Bobcats" the latest real shot, January 11th, if you are interested, may wish to refer to.